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Custom North Face apparel available from your favorite high school. Customize North Face Jackets, Hoodies, Rain Jackets, Pullovers, and base layers with your school mascot, logo, insignia, sport or club design at Rokkitwear. Custom Personalization available on all items. Show your school spirit and your colors with high quality apparel from The North Face. Search for your school and shop now at Rokkitwear

For more than 50 years, The North Face has been obsessively devoted to providing the best gear for athletes, modern-day explorers and urban adventurers alike. Proprietary technology and a deep understanding of truly great performance gear make The North Face the logical choice for those who need to stay warm, dry and stylish.

Combine popular The North Face styles with custom designs from Rokkitwear to create a unique, on-trend, fashionable piece to showcase the affinity for your school, sport, or club.


It begins with The North face world-class athletes. Their suggestions, recommendations and new equipment ideas provide the inspiration and challenges that drive the research and development of advanced materials, innovative design and construction. The most crucial step involves testing both in The North Face laboratories and with Their athletes on expeditions around the world.



DryVent™ fabrics are engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. The outer face of the textile is treated with a durable water repellant finish that helps form droplets and repel water from the surface. Each multi layered textile is engineered to allow water vapor to pass through from the inside to the outside. DryVent™ fabrics are engineered in a variety, weights, textures and performance characteristics that allows us to provide maximum protection, performance and comfort for the user across all our active and lifestyle waterproof, breathable clothing and accessories. All DryVent clothing and accessories are fully seam sealed and designed with specific features that are relevant to the user’s specific activity needs and conditions. All products that are fully taped, waterproof and breathable will be branded DryVent™.



The North Face™ developed a partnership with PrimaLoft® to offer a new synthetic alternative to down. ThermoBall™ is a revolution in insulation technology. Unlike traditional, continuous-filament synthetic insulations, the small round PrimaLoft® synthetic fiber clusters closely to mimic down clusters; trapping heat within small air pockets to retain warmth.

  • Lightweight
  • Phenomenal warmth in cold and wet conditions
  • Packs neatly into zipper pocket (not all styles)
  • Insulates even when wet


WindWall™ fabrics are engineered to greatly reduce the effects of wind chill while providing the flexibility and breathability to stay comfortable without overheating.

WindWall™ soft shell products are engineered in fully Windproof and Wind resistant options.  Our fully windproof options are our most protective, virtually waterproof and windproof they maintain a comfortable level of breathability in colder weather conditions.  Wind resistant options are the most versatile, enhanced with stretch and reduced external air permeability, both breathable and water resistant, making it ideal for a wide range of activities and weather conditions. WindWall™ shell products provide lightweight, wind resistant protection that packs small for on-the-go versatility. WindWall™ fleece products retain the comfort and breathability of traditional fleece, but have been engineered to reduce wind chill for enhanced warmth.


Holloway Deviate – Jackets and Pullovers From Rokkitwear

The entire Holloway Deviate line of jackets and pullovers is available at Rokkitwear.

No one likes being forced to make a tradeoff. Finesse or power? Accuracy or distance? Speed or endurance? What athlete actually enjoys sacrificing one for the other?

For years, there’s been an either/or tradeoff in weather-resistant outerwear. The choice has been between a weatherproof softshell that’s bulky and restricts movement, or a light flexible fleece that just can’t stand up to cold and rain.

The Product Development Team at Augusta Sportswear Brands refused to accept the status quo and traveled across the globe to China in search of a solution. While there, they visited multiple fabric shows, fabric mills and vendors that featured the latest fabric trends and technologies.

“We were immediately drawn to the innovative dying and knitting techniques achieved to make the tonal striated heather face of this fabric”, says Caroline Carrier, Product Line Manager for Outerwear at Augusta Sportswear Brands. “but were blown away by its breathability, water resistance protection and mid-weight warmth. We knew we were looking at market-leading technology.”

The Holloway Deviate line of jackets, pullovers and vests takes advantage of this new technology. The traditional, restrictive woven face of yesterday has been kicked to the curb. In its stead, we see a soft, breathable and stretchy knit. Replacing the face fabric allows the jacket, pullover or vest to move with your body and breathe to keep you comfortable, rather than trapping your body heat inside. The fabric is lighter, but a layer of durable water-resistant coating is ready to protect you from the elements.

The exterior of the Deviate collection isn’t the only impressive feature. Inside, bonded microfleece gives this line plush, bulk-free warmth. You’ll want to wear it all day long.

The Deviate offers three-season warmth to last from Fall to Spring. Whether you’re a coach on the go who needs all-season protection, or a corporate employee who is looking for something unique that’s on the premium side, Deviate has you covered.