Custom-made Spiritwear for your school

About Us

Rokkitwear is an online apparel store service designed to integrate your brand with a turnkey fundraising model. Once your store is custom configured with Rokkitwear, your school makes money with every spirit wear purchase. You don't have to worry about inventory cost or management, adherence to brand standards, or quality. Rokkitwear takes care of all that for you and sends you a check. We live by our motto:

Your Brand. Your Store. Your Money.

Your Brand:

When we configure your store, we'll do it under faithful adherence to your brand guidelines, whether it's for the whole school or individual teams and clubs. That way you know we are proudly representing your brand identity.

Your Store:

Ownership of your store is the key to its fundraising success. The more you promote it to your community, the more money comes back to the school.

Your Money:

Setup, operation, and maintenance of your store are all handled by Rokkitwear and it's all free. Your school earns 15% of all sales, so the more people buy, the more you make!

Here's an example of the kind of money you can make with Rokkitwear:

Sound good? Here are some specifics about the Rokkitwear standard:

- There are no minimums. We fulfill single-piece orders all the time.
- We have more than 350 products available. Customers can shop 24/7.
- Our quality is unparalleled. We use innovative digital printing and embroidery that will make your school colors pop.
- All our online orders are produced and shipped within five days, directly to the customer.

CONTACT US: [email protected]