Five Must-Have Back to School Smartphone Apps

There are more phone applications out than ever before, ranging from ridiculous and fun to actually insightful and helpful. In a time where almost all high school students seem to have smart phones it can be hard to filter out the useless apps from the beneficial ones. They can range from handy note taking applications to free places to download classic books frequently assigned in class. Here we break down a few smartphone applications that can actually be useful for back-to-school.

MyHomework: If you have a hard time keeping track of due dates and class schedules this is the app for you. Organize and stay on top of class schedules and upcoming assignments, with color-coding according to due dates. This app syncs with your desktop, keeping your iPhone and computer on the same page as far as what’s due.

Evernote:  Evernote lets you type and organize notes, photos and voice memos from your iPhone to the Internet. All can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the Evernote application or the Evernote website, where the company offers free desktop access for Apple and Windows PCs. Notes can be tagged and are searchable so you can find them easily later. It’s a great way to keep class notes close by at all times.

gFlashPro: A flash-card application that allows you to use Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel to create decks of cards, which can even contain sound clips or YouTube videos. gFlashPro also links to a flash-card directory, enabling you to share and download premade decks with anyone at any time.

Graphing Calculator: Remember those giant Texas Instruments calculators that everyone was required to buy? Now there is an app for that. The app has an expanded scientific calculator along with the ability to graph multiple equations and e-mail the results. With almost 400,000 definitions and a thesaurus, cut down on book costs and weight with this handy app.

Arm yourself with these apps, your new school supplies and fresh high school apparel this school year and you’ll be ready to go.

Raising Money for the High School Band | High School Apparel

High school marching bands have a lot of expenses to cover: uniforms, instruments, and often the most expensive part – traveling. Traveling to sporting events as well as different competitions can take a toll financially on high school bands. And while districts do typically supply the band with funds, they are not always enough to cover the full gamut of expenses. Some students don’t end up being able to participate in competitions that involve travel because they do not have the money required for the trip. It is times like this where fundraising might be the only solution.

Here we share some ideas for band members to raise money for any unexpected or additional funds:

Car wash. There isn’t a much easier or lower cost way to raise money than a car wash. Students can bring old rags, sponges and t-shirts to use to clean the cars and all that is left is buying soap and putting up signs (the materials for which your school probably already has and would be happy to share).

Bake sale. Students and their families can whip up treats at home and bring them to the school to sell. These also do particularly well at sporting events or other off-site affairs.

Host a dollar sale. Organize an event where students bring in items to donate to a yard sale. Everyone has items in their home that they just want to get rid of, whether it is old clothes or knick-knacks that are collecting dust. Price everything at a dollar for convenience.

Sell high school apparel. Organizations like Rokkitwear let you create an online store for free to sell high school apparel. Simply sign your school up, work with a team of designers to customize your items, and sell the items to band members, the student body, families and anyone else in the community. A portion of all sales go right back to the school, so work with the administration to sell items to get funds for the marching band.

Whatever method you come up with for raising money for your high school marching band, we hope everyone can be a part of all the fun. Get creative with your ideas and good luck!