School Event Merchandising Tips

School Event Merchandising Tips

  • Event-Specific Designs: Create spiritwear and apparel with designs that are specific to the sports event or school function. Incorporate team colors, mascots, and event themes to enhance the connection with the audience. Limited edition or commemorative items related to the event can also attract more interest.
  • Customization Options: Offer customization options for apparel, such as adding names, jersey numbers, or event dates. This personalization can make the merchandise more appealing to attendees, as they can have a unique and memorable keepsake from the event.
  • Bundle Deals and Discounts: Attract customers by offering bundle deals or discounts for purchasing multiple items. For example, consider creating package deals that include a T-shirt, hat, and wristband at a discounted price. This encourages attendees to buy more items at once.
  • Pre-Event Marketing: Generate excitement before the sports event or school function by marketing the spiritwear in advance. Use social media, email newsletters, and posters to showcase the merchandise, create anticipation, and inform attendees about what will be available.
  • Sizes for All Ages and Body Types: Ensure that your spiritwear is available in a range of sizes suitable for both children and adults. Consider the diversity of body types to make sure that everyone can find comfortable and well-fitting apparel. This inclusivity helps broaden your customer base.
  • Accept Multiple Payment Methods: Be prepared to accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payments. This flexibility accommodates different preferences and ensures that no potential sales are lost due to payment limitations.
  • Post-Event Follow-Up: Consider following up with attendees after the event through social media or email to thank them for their support. Use this opportunity to showcase any leftover merchandise or offer exclusive post-event discounts, encouraging continued engagement.

By implementing these strategies, you can maximize the success of selling spiritwear and apparel at sports events or school functions while supporting your organization or team.

Allmade Sustainable Tri-Blend T-shirts

Allmade Sustainable Tri-blend T-shirts

If you’re looking for a better shirt, Allmade makes sustainable tri-blend t-shirts and apparel that puts the needs of people and planet first, creating a positive impact you can feel great about and the end result is the most comfy tri-blend t-shirt you will ever wear.

Feel Your Impact

It’s estimated that the world consumes over 100,000,0000 drums of oil to create Polyester, which has become the most common fiber found in apparel today. Polyester is used 20% more times than cotton. It’s shocking to find out that the US only recycles 30% of its plastic and the average American is throwing away about 185 lbs. of plastic a year. Over 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day, ending up in landfills or the ocean. With each Allmade® t-shirt you help prevent an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic bottles from going into the ocean, keeping oceans clean, and fish healthy.

The Allmade sustainable tri-blend t-shirts are made up of half Repreve® polyester. (You don’t need to know that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles collected up and down the east coast, you just need to know that it’s a high-quality material that lends its superpowers to a t-shirt that won’t shrink up in the wash or get a funky, post-gym smell.) Allmade then adds a 25 percent dose of organic cotton that gives the fabric that comfy, high-end cotton feel and a 25 percent share of a better-than-rayon slinky material (called TENCEL™ Modal) to add that subtle sheen, that nice drape, and, yes, a puppy-soft fabric feel.

Super Comfy T-Shirts

One of the things that makes Allmade sustainable tri-blend t-shirts so comfortable is the fit of the tee. We knew that we wanted our tri-blends to have a fashion-forward fit instead of a boxy look, but also knew we wanted to avoid the tight and slim fit that most fashion-forward tees have. In the end, we decided on having our tri-blends have relaxed fashion fit. Our tees are slightly longer than normal and include tapered shoulders that maximize comfort.

The factor that really sets our tri-blends apart from other tees is that they include TENCEL™ Modal in the fabric. The TENCEL™ Modal adds an extra layer of comfort that you won’t find from the rayon that is included in tradition tri-blends. It helps the tee fit well against the body and move freely while you move. TENCEL™ Modal makes Allmade tri-blends so comfy that you might even forget you have the shirt on. 😉

Custom eco-friendly graphic t-shirts

Customize a sustainable Tri-blend t-shirt at Choose your favorite school sport, logo, or activity and create a truly unique look.

Learn more about Allmade apparel at