DIY Ways to Customize Your Senior High School T-Shirts

Make your senior year high school t-shirt your own by adding fun design elements that match your personality. It’s your final year of high school and you are probably rocking your senior shirt. Why not make it your own by adding designs that are a reflection of you? Here are some easy ways that you can customize your high school spirit gear.

Clorox Bleach Pen Writing: All you need is a colored shirt, a Clorox bleach pen, wax paper and a piece of cardboard. Cover the cardboard in wax paper. Slide the board underneath the shirt so that it is under the surface you are writing on to protect the rest of the shirt from the bleach. Write on your message or image with the bleach pen and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Place the shirt under the faucet and rinse with a hard steady stream of water until there is no bleach residue left. Wash the bleached area with hand soap before throwing it in the washing machine.

Turn a T-Shirt into a Tank: You will need your high school t-shirt and a pair of scissors. First, cut off the sleeves, collar and the bottom inch or two of the shirt. Flip the shirt over and cut a triangle down the back of the neck. Use the piece you cut from the bottom of the shirt and tie it onto the back, wrapping it around. You can find images along with step-by-step instructions, here.

Lace up the Sides: Again, all you’ll need is your senior shirt and a pair of scissors. You might want to use a t-shirt that is slightly big on you since this will use up some of the fabric on the sides. Cut the side of the shirt in a straight line up until you hit the sleeve. Cut horizontal slices going down the side that are about an inch wide. Tie the slits together in a knot and repeat the steps on the other side.

Watercolor T-Shirt: You will need a white high school t-shirt, Elmer’s blue gel glue and fabric dye. The glue resists dye, and when you dye the shirt in cold water the glue will keep any message or image you have added white while the rest of the shirt picks up the color. Wet your shirt with cold water and put a barrier underneath (you could use the cardboard and wax paper combo we mentioned above, or anything else you don’t mind possibly getting some color on). Draw on the shirt with the glue and let it dry for several hours. Add your dye to cold water and dunk in your t-shirt. Once your shirt has reached the desired color, lay it flat to dry to let the dye set in. Once it’s dry, soak it in cool soapy water for about 15 minutes to remove any extra glue. Then simply toss in the washer like normal.

Have fun with this! Your shirt doesn’t have to be perfect; it should just be your own. Practice on a junky old shirt you don’t care about any more to make sure you have it right for the shirt you plan to wear. Share any DIY customized shirt ideas you’ve tried with us here!