Showing School Spirit During Homecoming Week

Homecoming celebrations are sweeping across the country, kings and queens are being crowned and students are showing their school spirit from parades to pep rallies to locker decorating contests. One great way to show school spirit during Homecoming week and throughout the rest of the school year is wearing your favorite high school apparel from Rokkitwear. A shirt that is customized with the school’s mascot, name or insignia is one thing, but knowing that a portion of the proceeds go back to the school makes it even more special.

But celebrating Homecoming is more than just choosing your court and going to the football game, it is a time to show pride in your school and all that it has to offer. High school is where you get to see your friends every day and participate in sports, clubs and all of your favorite extracurricular activities. You are surrounded by teachers and counselors that want the best for your future as well as many opportunities to help you get there. Homecoming week should be fun, and remember all of the reasons why you should celebrate your school spirit.

Ways to Celebrate Homecoming Week

Get involved and join the Homecoming committee. If the idea of choosing a dance theme, decorating for the dance and pep rallies and decking the halls with school spirit sounds like fun to you, then the Homecoming committee is where you belong.

  • Themes: Themes are a great way to get everyone involved in the Homecoming fun. In addition to having a Homecoming theme, it is also fun to have “dress up days” all week to accommodate the Homecoming theme or just ask everyone to wear school colors like their high school t-shirts and other high school apparel.
  • Decorations: Posters, banners, and signs are a must for Homecoming week. They can promote the theme of the Homecoming dance or simply declare reasons why your school is the best, decorations are a fun way to remind everyone what Homecoming is about. One of the best ways to encourage everyone to participate in the decorations is to have a “hall or locker competition.” Every grade is assigned a different hall or set of lockers in the school to decorate, and the grade that has the best looking at the start of Homecoming week is announced the winner.
  • Contests: Friendly competitions between grades are a fun way to get everyone involved. You can do upperclassmen versus lower, or even pair up the seniors with the freshmen. You can have high school t-shirt decorating competitions, float decorating contests for the Homecoming parade and sport competitions like a powder-puff football game before the big game.

No matter what kind of themes, decorations or contents you come up with, having classmates, faculty and the community supporting the local high school is always a reason to celebrate.

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