A fresh approach to Spirit Wear

Purchasing high school spirit wear can be very challenging, especially in today’s world where we, as consumers, receive instant gratification through an internet click and a credit card transaction. High School spirit wear is often difficult to find or obtain, especially if you don’t have convenient access to a spirit shop or a student in your local high school. Even when a high school bricks and mortar spirit shop is available, limited hours of operation and a narrow product selection leaves consumers with few choices. Purchasing items for a specific team, club, or activity is not terribly convenient as most orders are placed through seasonal flyers that are narrowly focused on participants and their families. Only consumers with direct access to these time based ordering windows are able to support their high school through spirit wear purchases.

Rokkitwear provides a fresh approach to marketing high school spirit wear through its customized spirit stores. We are the official on-line supplier of official high school spirit wear. Rokkitwear is fully endorsed by the National Federation of High Schools and 40+ state high school associations, and works directly with each high school to obtain its official logo’s, marks, and insignia’s so that only officially approved marks are used in the production of each spirit wear item.

Rokkitwear is much more than just an on-line spirit shop. Rokkitwear is an important fundraising tool and mechanism to reach supporters far beyond the four walls of the high school. High Schools now have the opportunity to promote their spirit shop to the entire school district through email blasts, newsletters, web page links, and social media. Rokkitwear provides the ability to engage its supporters through spirit wear sales with it’s an ‘always open’ store 24 x 7 x 365.

Configuring a customized store is simple, effortless to the school, and best of all it is FREE to any school. Send an email to the team at Rokkitwear to request an online store today – [email protected]

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