FAQ - Rokkitwear Fundraising

My school is small. Do I need this?

Parents, fans and community members, though small in number, will be supporting your school when they purchase custom product with your name, colors, and logo. You can promote school pride with a purpose. It costs you nothing to participate and provides a new revenue source – why not participate?

I have multiple organizations I want to fundraise for. Can I set up stores for all of them?

Yes! It costs nothing to set up a store and you can set up as many as you like. Just fill out the signup form for each one.

What kind of art can I send?

It’s best to send mascot logos without text elements. Rokkitwear dynamic designs will incorprate school names, mascot names, dates. etc. using the information you provide. Logos you provide that incorprate these elements will cause redundant information. Of course, if you have a logo with text you really want to use, we can turn off any Rokkitwear designs that clash with it.

Additionally, please be aware that Rokkitwear will set up one logo free of charge. Any addtional logos you wish to add will be subject to a fee.

Okay, I’ve signed up. How do I make money?

Rokkitwear has outlined several best practices in order to maximize the benefit you receive from your store. Promoting awareness is the best way to keep orders flowing. Here are the best ways to promote your store:

  • Install your Rokkitwear store link on the school website, athletic site, booster site, district site, and any other organizational hub.
  • Utilize school and district newsletters, email blasts, and social media. Schools need to think through the primary way to reach each target market – students, parents, and alumni. Communicate through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for students, email and newsletters for alumni.
  • Talk to your Rokkitwear sales rep. Someone will contact you when the store is ready to provide you a link. They can also provide a complimentary marketing graphic to get you started on your promotion efforts, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.