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1. What is Rokkitwear?

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  • Rokkitwear is the exclusive online supplier for officially licensed high school spirit items. Rokkitwear has developed a cutting edge, on-line, retail e-commerce platform that is customized and branded specifically for each school.
  • Rokkitwear creates a new source of income for high schools through the sales of officially licensed high school gear. Each item sold puts money back in the hands of the school. Schools pay nothing to join and they are guaranteed to receive the largest share of royalty revenue generated from the sale of logo’d school merchandise.
  • More information on Rokkitwear available at or by sending an email to mailto:YOURSCHOOL@ROKKITWEAR.COM

2. Why should a high school care about licensing?

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  • The market for high school merchandise is like the Wild West. All over the country high school spirit items bearing school logos, insignias, and mascots are being produced and sold in retail stores, on the internet, and throughout local communities with NO revenue going to the school.
  • Licensing presents an opportunity for a school to control WHO is authorized to produce logo’d high school gear, WHERE the merchandise can be sold, and most importantly ensure that the school receives money from every single sale of its product.
  • The National Licensing program developed by the National Federation of High Schools and Licensing Resource Group puts the structure in place to stop the unauthorized production and sale of logo gear.
  • More information on licensing is available at

3. How does someone know if a product is licensed?

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  • Like the other associations and leagues (NCAA, NFL, NBA, etc.), the product will carry a distinct label and/or hang tag with a hologram. It will identify the product as "Official NFHS High School Product."

4. How does a school obtain a Rokkitwear store?

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5. How is a Rokkitwear store activated?

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  • Simply send an email to Rokkitwear at YOURSCHOOL@ROKKITWEAR.COM indicating that you would like your store activated.
  • Upon activation Rokkitwear will send the primary school contact a marketing kit, website link, and discount codes for the school to promote awareness.

6. What are the best practices that a High School should embrace to maximize exposure and the revenue opportunity with a new Rokkitwear store?

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  • Promoting awareness and marketing the spirit shop are probably the most important set of tasks for a school to undertake. The schools with the most success actively promote their Rokkitwear Spirit Shop through numerous communication channels.
  • The first step is to install the Rokkitwear Link on the High School website, Athletic site, Booster site, and the District website.
  • The second step is to promote awareness through school and district newsletters, email blasts, and via social media. Schools need to think through the primary way to reach each target market – students, parents, and alumni. Communicate through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for students, email and newsletters for alumni.
  • It is critical to promote awareness both within the high school community and to the district at large. District-wide promotion is the one area that deserves the most attention and provides the largest opportunity for generating revenue for the High School. Our experience shows a tremendous amount of un-satisfied demand among the elementary and junior high students and families. Most high schools and districts do not have the luxury of serving their community with a bricks and mortar store and those that do have an on-premise spirit shop seliing high school gear at the high school have limitations with purchasing inventory to provide a comprehensive selection of style, color, and size options. Limited hours of operation is also another challenge.

7. My school is small and has a limited fan base. Do I need this?

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  • Parents, fans and community members (though small in number) will be supporting your school when they purchase licensed high school spirit apparel with your name/logo. You can promote school pride with a purpose. It costs you nothing to participate and provides a new revenue source – why not participate?

8. How will this affect the School's booster club?

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  • Each school owns its marks; therefore, they can choose to exempt some groups from producing licensed products for fund-raising efforts. Keep in mind, however, that using licensed product for fund-raising generates additional revenue from the royalty paid by the manufacturer.

9. Can a school stop a retailer from selling unlicensed products?

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  • Yes. The goal is to ensure that only authorized producers and retailers are selling your high school gear to generate royalty revenue.

10. Benefits of participation in the program:

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  • On-Line retail e-commerce school store at no cost to the school
  • New channel of revenue
  • Control over WHO uses and HOW logo’s, marks, mascots, insignias, are used
  • Visibility and transparency of all sales and revenue generated for the school
  • Online retail store available 24x7x365
  • Ability to open up additional source of revenue to alumni, friends, and networks
  • No inventory obligation
  • ZERO cost to the school now and in the future
  • No obligation, school can Opt-Out at any time

11. What size should I buy?

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  • Please refer to the size chart (link size chart spreadsheet) for product specific sizing information.

12. What is your return policy?

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  • Because your Rokkitwear high school gear is customized and created on-demand, we do not accept returns for products ordered through the website or for custom bulk orders.

13. When will my order be shipped?

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  • We begin processing your order immediately. Our goal is to have the order shipped within 5 business days from the time of order. Weekends, holidays, and unusually high-order volume periods can sometimes cause delays in the shipping process. When you order an item, and it is out of stock or back-ordered, we will ship it to you as soon as possible.

14. How will my order be shipped?

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  • Your package will be shipped via the United States Postal Service.

15. Why do some items cost more than others?

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  • The primary reason for different item costs results from apparel content, fabric weights, and apparel manufacturing process.

16. What forms of payment can I use?

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  • Rokkitwear accepts PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

17. When is my credit card charged?

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  • All high school spirit items are custom produced, so Rokkitwear charges your credit card once the order is placed.

18. Will you charge sales tax on my order?

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  • Sales tax will be added to all orders shipped to addresses in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, California, and Georgia.

19. What is a bulk order?

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  • A bulk order is an order of 12 or more of the same printed product. A bulk order can include different sizes, but the product, color, and front design must be the same.

20. Who can order in bulk?

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  • Anyone can order in bulk. It’s perfect for individuals, teams, schools, clubs, and organizations.

21. How long will it take for my bulk order to be produced?

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  • Bulk orders will take 1-3 weeks to be produced and shipped.

22. Can I submit artwork for my bulk order?

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  • Yes, you can submit artwork for your custom high school gear or bulk order. Any artwork involving the school name, insignia’s, or other licensed mark is subject to approval before it can be used.