Maryland School Raises Money With Rokkitwear

Bethesda, Md. (March 5, 2015) – The de Chantal Dukes have found a new way to help family and fans purchase school spirit custom apparel while raising money for the school. After a few months partnering with Rokkitwear, an athletic apparel company, St. Jane de Chantal Catholic School has raised more than $1,600.

Typically, school fundraisers have included raffles, events and a lot of upfront work and expense. In particular, managing the inventory required to sell apparel and other branded items was always difficult and costly. But now, Rokkitwear guarantees a minimum of 15% of all spirit wear revenue to the school.

St. Jane de Chantal decided to switch gears and work with Rokkitwear after learning about them online. Rokkitwear is a unique e-commerce platform that takes the burden and expense of inventory and sales off the schools with a program that is offered at no cost to the school.

Now, Rokkitwear handles everything. Customers can choose from thousands of designs using the official De Chantal logos. And Rokkitwear accepts single piece, on-demand orders. Local fans just need to visit and follow the link to the Spirit Wear store to order everything from sweatshirts and t-shirts to outerwear and performance wear. Orders are filled and shipped within five days.

So far, the response has been great and the school looks forward to continued success.

Susan Myers, President of the Home and School Association, said, “People love the designs, the number of items to choose from and the great color options.”


About Rokkitwear

Rokkitwear is an official provider of high school apparel licensed by the Licensing Resource Group and National Federation of State High School Associations. As the first officially licensed online spirit wear provider recognized by the NFSH and LRG, Rokkitwear guarantees a royalty payment to each school on every sale of such school’s spirit wear. Through, the company’s state-of-the-art e-commerce storefront, Rokkitwear is helping schools, booster clubs, organizations and sports teams raise additional needed funds while managing and administering school spirit wear programs.

About St. Jane de Chantal Catholic School

St. Jane de Chantal is a co-educational, K-8 Catholic school in suburban Maryland.  Their mission is to spread the message of Jesus by providing high quality, well-rounded education within a Christ-centered community.  St. Jane de Chantal provides a comprehensive, developmental, and integrated curriculum imbued with Gospel teachings, which stimulate academic excellence while developing traditional Catholic values.

Ways Your High School Counselor Can Help with College Prep

High school counselors receive an abundance of materials to assist students in the college application process. Scholarship opportunities, volunteer options, and student aid information are just a few of the pieces of a never ending flow of paperwork. Developing a relationship with your student’s counselor is a great way to learn more about the college process, especially if you have not been through it before. They can steer you in the right direction, point out ideas that aren’t worth the time and effort, and even save you money.

Help Choosing Which Courses Your Student Should Take: A counselor knows what will look good on a college resume, but also understands if it will be a good fit for your student. Sure, AP Physics looks great, but if your child struggles with science to begin with a low grade in a high level course isn’t going to do them any favors. They may also be able to recommend tutoring options to help your child excel in the classes they are taking and to boost a grade if they are struggling.

Recommend Colleges: Most high school counselors are in touch with admissions representatives from a variety of colleges. They can recommend schools based on what field your student is interested in studying by choosing colleges that specialize in these topics. They will also be able to match up sports and other extracurricular activities and values that coincide with particular colleges.

Scholarship Applications: Having your student fall in love with a college only to learn they will not be able to attend due to high tuition is disheartening for everyone.  Scholarships are a great way to help families afford the high costs of college tuition and there are scholarships to cover many different skill sets including sports, organizations, test scores and more. Your counselor can help steer you to a scholarship that you may not have even known existed.

Recommendation Letters: Many colleges request a letter of recommendation for admission that exemplifies your student’s strengths, personality and abilities. The better the school counselor knows your student the better their ability to write an honest and positive letter of recommendation. It is difficult to recommend someone you don’t know, and a counselor may refuse to write a letter for a student they are unfamiliar with. This is something students who attend larger high schools especially need to look out for.

Make sure you and your child take advantage of the services a high school counselor has to offer. They are a big part of the college application system and can offer a lot of insight into the process. They may have volunteer ideas to add to a college application such as fundraising by selling high school apparel, as well as scholarship information to save a ton of money. Seek out their services, they are there to help!